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Kevin & Rebecca

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Kevin & Rebecca Kelly

readers, writers, kid chasers, game players, design snobs, punctuation police, bad cooks, ping pong all-stars

We live in Central New York with our two kids and a shaggy black dog. I own a small graphic design shop and Rebecca teaches design at Syracuse University. When we’re not working, Rebecca likes to start complicated projects that I have to figure out how to finish. We also spend our free time playing, hiking, and vacationing off-the-grid in Coastal Maine —and napping.

Friends: 25 years

Favorite Season: Fall

Likes: Seafood

Dislikes: Weird seafood

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The Awesome, Impossible, Unstoppable Gadget

A mad scientist story

Trixie O’Toole is super-excited to be at Camp C.R.E.A.T.E., where she can invent whatever she likes. But when a boy nicknamed “Professor” von Junk gets all the attention, Trixie feels left out. Still, she persists in following her own inspiration. When von Junk’s Invention Inventor goes out of control, everyone is horrified. Is Trixie’s own invention sufficiently awesome, impossible, and unstoppable to save the day? Trixie’s triumph will inspire future inventors and mad scientists to believe in themselves, and show that all good ideas deserve a chance.

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the dog

She’s big and she’s hairy. A little bit scary. Part wrestler, part herder, her breath can be murder, this dog is a mess but she’s dressed to impress.

Breed: Bouvier des Flandres

Birthday: 7/27/14

BFF: any random tennis ball

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Finn & Harper

the children

One is a blonde, the other red-headed. One is high octane, the other unleaded. They both have a problem with ice cream and treats. One likes the butter, the other the meats. But no matter what drama might happen to happen, or who might get trapped in an undersized cabin, or who makes a face in a middle school picture, these two are quite likely the perfect(ish) mixture.

Like: Reading

Dislike: Chores

Like: Snow Days

Dislike: Talk Radio

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West Quoddy Lighthouse

Lubec, Maine

So it turns out, building a cabin can be fun...and televised. After 10 years of being proud owners of waterfront land on the Bay of Fundy, we were finally ready to build a small, off-the-grid modern cabin. So, naturally, we had to be on an episode of Building Off the Grid! A beautiful location, colorful personalities, New England weather and hard work collide in this drama-packed episode. Curl up by the fireplace and enjoy!

Year: 2018

Network: DIY Channel

Episode: The Edge of Maine

Sequel: Possibly?


We have a long list of stories waiting to get published, including our series featuring Professor von Junk:
Sometimes we have to get away — out of town and off the grid.
Hello Maine!
As if building a cabin (or helping to build it) ourselves wasn't crazy enough, mix in a big shaggy dog and two kids, add the many considerations of off-the-grid living, starting a new job and an out-of-state move.
Still not enough to think about? Try doing it all on camera! See how it all went down on DIY Network's Building Off-The-Grid, "The Edge of Maine," 2018 season premiere.
Spoiler: We survived it!

Click here to visit the world of Trixie O'Toole:

See Trixie, her friends and her neighborhood. Find out all about who she is and how she spends her days, create and submit your own invention, and send Trixie a message directly!


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